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Inpatient vs Outpatient Treatment

The first thing that people with alcohol and other drug addiction should decide when considering rehab is whether they would be opting for inpatient vs outpatient rehab programs. Both forms of therapies are different from one another and offer a variety of treatment programs to help people with hardcore addiction become sober and live a decent life. Outpatient treatment is where the patient receives medical help by staying at home and only visiting the rehab to attend treatments. Whereas, inpatient drug rehab demands the patients to settle into the treatment facility during the therapy. It can either be a six months long treatment or a shorter program depending on the condition of the rehab.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Outpatient Treatments:


The benefits of attending outpatient alcohol programs are that this form of therapy is designed in a way to facilitate people who find it hard to leave their space to receive professional help. It is more organized and structured to assist people who have personal commitments and full-time jobs to support their financial needs. Moreover, it is more affordable and cheaper in comparison to inpatient drug treatment. Hence, people who don’t earn enough can still avail this opportunity at better rates. Also, people who have busy schedules can take up this treatment during their free time. This way, their work and family life won’t be disturbed, and they will be able to get help despite all odds. These rehab centers also arrange family sessions to ensure a better understanding of the challenges that these people face.


The biggest drawback of this form of therapy is that since the patients stay at home, there is no guarantee that they have stopped taking drugs and don’t have access to them anymore. Hence, there is a higher risk of relapse as the addict might be lying and still taking drugs. In that case, the therapy won’t be effective anymore, and the fact that they still have continued access to their daily life also implies that they won’t be able to focus on the recovery entirely. Furthermore, in outpatient drug rehab therapy, the interaction between the counselor and patient is minimal as compared to inpatient therapies. Thus, the entire issue may not get communicated properly. Also, there are very few chances of interacting with other patients as you don’t get to spend a lot of time with them, so not meeting people from the same background may delay the outcome. Meeting people from the same community encourages and provides a sense of satisfaction.

inpatient vs outpatient rehab in Massachusetts

Advantages and Disadvantages of Inpatient Drug Treatment:


One of the major benefits of availing inpatient vs outpatient rehab treatment is that it encourages friendship and allows people to associate with more people having the same issues. This provides hope to them that they are on the right path and the determination of overcoming addiction becomes stronger. Also, the rehab center has professional help all the time; hence, anytime you have relapse, you can easily approach them for help, which makes medical therapy more effective. The professionals will guide you whenever you need help and this way, the treatment will reap better outcomes. Secondly, since you are disconnected from the outside world, there won’t be any distractions that will keep you away from focusing on your treatment. Hence, you will gain a better understanding of it. This form of therapy has the lowest chances of relapse as the treatment is more reliable and the professionals’ interaction is available all the time.


Inpatient drug rehab is expensive as compared to outpatient treatment. Moreover, patient’s daily life gets disrupted, and they are expected to put everything on hold and leave behind their families for a period of time which may not suit everyone as not everybody is comfortable staying away from their homes and families. The families are also not allowed to visit frequently, especially if the treatment is intensive. This discourages most of the people and they don’t consider the option of rehab as it involves cutting off from their families and putting everything on hold, including their jobs, till the treatment is finished. People who enjoy freedom will easily get tired of this, as unlike sober living homes, the patients aren’t allowed to come and go whenever they please. Hence, this therapy may irritate them, and they might not be able to concentrate wholeheartedly.

People who have serious drug addiction should go for inpatient drug treatment as it involves complete medical help and ensures effective outcomes. It provides opportunities to people who want another chance at life. Getting in touch with our rehabilitation center, you can get affordable treatments that are customized as per your requirements.


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