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Dilaudid Addiction

Dilaudid is derived from morphine and is used by practitioners for semi-synthetic pains. This is a schedule II painkiller. That is why there are greater chances of abuse of this drug. It belongs to the opioid family and targets the central nervous of the person suffering from pain. It also very successfully changes how the human brain perceives pain, which is why it is so helpful in pain medication. As the person starts to consume the medicine, he also develops a habit of consuming the medicine. The body starts to crave it in its absence, and this is what leads to Dilaudid addiction. The dependence on this drug is what is deemed as the most harmful impact.

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Signs to Observe

A person can become dependent on Dilaudid’s intake, which can be in the form of Dilaudid pills or injections. They are both equally harmful to the human body and have a long-lasting effect as well. There are a few signs that can be observed in a person who consumes Dilaudid outside of the prescribed quantity. The signs you may notice are not limited to these, but here are a few that are most noticeable; tremors, diarrhea, headaches, vomiting, anxiety, etc. These symptoms will be different from one person to another but will be visible enough to raise caution. If a person has been prescribed any drug that can also prove to be addictive, it is important not to consume anymore, then the prescribed quantity. Long term use of painkillers can be harmful.

dilaudid addiction


Several centers throughout the country have specialized staff who can help in the fight against drug abuse. Drugs like Dilaudid and other similar painkillers are easier to get addicted to, but very difficult to get rid of. But the first step in getting treatment for any addiction is realizing that you need help. The first step will always be the hardest, but everything will fall in its place later on. You need to reach out to a professional, talk to the people around you, and let them know what you are dealing with. The Dilaudid addiction withdrawal has to be planned very carefully, or it could go south. Detox is the first process on the road to recovery. Slowly all the Dilaudid is removed from the system and the person starts to live without it. You may get Dilaudid addiction withdrawal immediately within a few hours of the last dose. That is why it is important to be at the right place and surrounded by the right people, so no adverse situation is faced.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Usually, inpatient and outpatient treatments are used for patients of substance abuse. For Dilaudid abuse, cognitive behavioral therapy is recommended by specialists. As the name suggests, this is the process where the patient learns and understands his cognitive process. The addict needs to understand how the human brain works and the triggers that compel him to find solace in drugs. Some triggers push you towards drugs; they give you pleasure, and hence it is easier to cope with the realities. It is important to face your fears, and until then, you cannot come out as a true winner. This therapy helps with almost all substance abuse patients. If you understand how you function, it is easier to plan according to that.

Group Therapy

For any addict, empathy and understanding are two things that can change everything. When they are surrounded by people who understand what they are going through and understand their reasons, they feel less like a patient. Different addicts with dissimilar levels of drug addiction come together to share their stories in a group therapy session. These therapy sessions are fully designed around a 12 step process.

This provides a safe place for people to come and share their life stories. These groups are also good for accountability. When a person realizes that there are people who expect something from him and are cheering for him, he might try harder. These members of the group push one another to fight against the addiction. During Dilaudid withdrawal, when the person is suffering, such a group can be a source of strength to keep going. Like almost all other opioids, Dilaudid also has the potential for abuse and dependency. Since it is a schedule II drug, the chances of abuse significantly increase.

Our experts know how to deal with each substance abuse. We also have group therapy sessions where we, as a community, help one another. The fight against an addiction might not be the easiest, but with the right people at your side, you can fight any battle. It is never too late to get in touch with an expert center like Elevate Recovery Center for the revival and professional consultation. We recommend people to seek professional help to reduce severe Dilaudid withdrawal.


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