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Significance of Moderate Management Program for Alcohol Addiction

Moderation management is a program that is specially designed for people who are suffering from alcohol abuse. If you are not interested in Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), then moderation management is the right program for you. Most of the alcohol abuse programs focus on eliminating alcohol from an alcoholic’s life. Not every alcoholic is the same; what works for one person might not work for another person. Most of the people who suffer from alcohol abuse feel embarrassed about their habits. At the same time, others find it challenging to get rid of their addiction and return to the normality of life, despite how they feel about their addiction.

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MM Values

There are a few things that you need to know before you commit yourself to moderation management. Moderate management is known for its 5 core values that help the patient keep on track and are also very important for complete recovery. The core values are as follows:

  • The patient himself is responsible for his recovery.
  • When you help others, you are also helping yourself. This is not true for only addiction treatment but as a general rule in life.
  • Strength can be seen when one person helps another. When people stand beside each other, they are undefeatable.
  • There are two basic recovery skills, and they are self-management and self-esteem. Without these, the road to recovery will be impossible.
  • While you are in recovery, it is important to show respect and dignity to others. This may include your medical staff or the patient admitted with you.

Steps in MM

Change is the thing that will help you in getting your life back on track. The six steps of change in MM are:

Keep a Journal

Start writing a journal, keep your drinking record here, and also write about the things that push you to grab a drink. This will help in self-reflection.

Moderation is the Key

Moderate drinking is allowed, but you need to keep your age and sex under consideration. The MM therapy group can help you in keeping a moderate routine.

Set Limit for Yourself

Conduct research and see what is the good drinking limit for you. This can be based on your own behavior or scientific research.


Ask yourself the question of what is that you want to gain from this MM therapy? Finding the answers will keep you motivated.


Practice a 30-day alcohol fast; this will help you in starting afresh and getting clarity. If you are an alcohol addict, this might not be for you. Alcohol detoxification should be practiced in controlled conditions.

Mindfulness towards Drinking

After the fast, resume drinking but set your own limits.

What are the Expectations?

It is important to not go in with very high expectations. This is an outpatient procedure; you will attend sessions while going about your life. You can meet your group multiple times a week and share your experiences. The most important thing to learn during the procedure is self-control. Substance abuse therapy has one goal, and that is to bring awareness to the patient about his state. Once you are aware of your habits, only then will you try to control them. Some of the things that you can practice are:

  • Keeping the glass down in between conversations.
  • Diluting your drink ideally with water.
  • Counting the drinks that you consume.

Is MM the Best Choice for You

Is MM the Best Choice for You?

This question doesn’t have one definite answer. Most of the people who tend to start an MM program later take the abstinence-based program. If you have just started drinking, are still stable, and can categorize yourself as a moderate drinker who has self-control, then MM is the right thing for you.  As we always emphasize, if you are already consuming more than 5 drinks in a day, then it is better to consult a professional. Alcohol detoxification is not an easy procedure for someone who has been abusing alcohol for a very long time. Substance abuse therapy will only work for an addict if it is done by following the right steps. Stopping alcohol consumption at once can lead to severe alcohol withdrawal symptoms that can also be deadly in many cases. If you or anyone you know is suffering from alcohol addiction and is looking for alcohol detoxification, we are here to help you out. All you have to do is reach out to us, and the rest our professionals can manage. Moderation Management is something that is not designed for everyone. If this is not the option for you, we also offer Cognitive Therapy, Medication-assisted Therapy, Behavioral Therapy, and much more. After an initial screening and interview, our expert panel will recommend the course of treatment for you. The road to recovery can be tough, but we will make sure to be by your side throughout.


Valerie Tecci, Program Director

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