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5 Benefits of Hiring an Addiction Interventionist

Drug and alcohol addiction are complex conditions that have deep roots in a person’s biology, behaviors, genetics, and other essential aspects of their identity. People with addiction may struggle with the consequences of their drug use, often facing serious harm to their physical and mental health, relationships, and ability to manage their daily lives.

Addiction doesn’t just hurt the person living with it–their families and loved ones also face significant harm. Loving someone with an addiction can be challenging, and many feel helpless or hopeless about what steps to take to help.

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Some groups may plan an intervention to get their addicted loved one to seek treatment. An intervention is more likely to be successful if you hire an addiction interventionist to guide you through the process. A professional interventionist has the skills, training, and experience to manage your intervention, connect you with the right resources, and offer ongoing support to everyone involved.

Reach out to the team at Elevate Recovery to learn more about how to hire an addiction interventionist or to find support at any stage of your recovery journey.


An intervention is an event where friends and family of an addicted person gather together to encourage them to go to rehab. The goal of an intervention is to offer support to an addicted person and clearly define the consequences of them not going to rehab.

Several types of interventions exist, including those for drug and alcohol addiction. Planning an intervention typically includes:

  • Planning the intervention
  • Preparing written statements about the addicted person’s behaviors
  • Finding a treatment program
  • Deciding on what will happen if the addicted person does not seek treatment

An intervention is much more likely to be successful when groups hire an addiction interventionist to help plan and run it. A trained interventionist can help everyone in the group prepare for the intervention, manage expectations, and connect people with the support and resources they need before and after the intervention.


There are many benefits to having professional support and guidance while planning and holding your intervention. Here are five of the most significant reasons to hire an addiction interventionist.

1. Using their training

It’s not likely that you and other loved ones plan interventions every day–but a trained interventionist does. A professional addiction interventionist has specific education and experience in planning and holding addiction interventions and can use their expertise to help you have the best, most effective intervention possible.

2. Making community connections

An addiction interventionist has extensive knowledge of available treatment programs and community resources. They can connect you and your loved ones to the help you need at every stage of your intervention. An interventionist can help you find the right rehab program to meet your addicted loved one’s needs, let you know about 12-step meetings and addiction counselors in the area, and help you identify family support resources in your community.

3. Offering guidance

An interventionist doesn’t just show up for the intervention–they offer guidance at every stage of the process, beginning with helping to plan it. Interventionists act as a constant, reliable source of support for everyone involved in the intervention. Some of the practical support they can provide includes:

  • Meeting with groups to plan an intervention
  • Selecting a treatment program
  • Helping group members know what to say and what to hold back
  • Managing the intervention
  • Maintaining a calm, healing atmosphere during the intervention by using de-escalation techniques
  • Helping groups figure out what steps to take after the intervention

Simply put, a trained interventionist will identify the group’s needs during the planning stage, help to hold the intervention, and offer ongoing support to the group afterward.

4. Providing mental health resources

Many people living with substance abuse and addiction also have symptoms of a mental illness that can complicate treatment. A trained addiction interventionist can identify the need for dual diagnosis treatment and find programs and resources to help an addicted person get the specialized treatment they need.

5. Choosing the right time

People with addiction need to get treatment as quickly as possible–but timing an intervention correctly is essential. An addiction interventionist can help the group choose a time when the addicted person is least likely to be intoxicated. They’ll work with group members to prepare quickly so that they can offer treatment as soon as possible.


If you have a family member, friend, or coworker who struggles with substance abuse or addiction, you may consider planning an intervention to convince them to seek the help they need. Reach out to the team at Elevate Recovery to explore our treatment programs or hire an addiction interventionist to help you have a successful intervention.
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Valerie Tecci, Program Director

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