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Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions described on this page reflect directly to the use of this website. However, in case any user disagrees to follow any of the mentioned points of terms and conditions, we recommend not using the website at all.

At the same time, this website uses cookies. Agreeing upon terms and conditions and using this website, you provide consent to the collection of cookies with respect to the company’s privacy policy.

License for Using Website

Regardless of certain crucial cases, the Elevate Recovery Center or/and its licensors have complete rights over the material and intellectual property on this website. Concerning the below-mentioned license, the website’s content, including intellectual material, is reserved by Elevate Recovery Center.

Only for personal use, Elevate Recovery Center permits users to download and view the intellectual material. Also, the users have the option to print out the PDFs from the website. However, the restrictions bound the users neither to publish our content elsewhere on the Internet nor present our material to universities, offices, etc., under other names.


  • You cannot publish the content of this website on any other website.
  • You cannot sub-license, rent, or sell material from this website.
  • You cannot present the content from this website under your name.
  • You must not paraphrase, duplicate, or reproduce the content published on this website for commercial use.
  • You cannot modify or edit any content on this website.
  • You cannot redistribute already published content on the website, except for the material specifically composed for merely redistribution purposes. In the case, when the material is composed/ created for redistribution, it can only be redistributed within the Elevate Recovery Center website, along with the credit.

Acceptable Use

A user is not allowed to use this website with the purpose/intention to cause damage. Moreover, the same goes for the accessibility or availability impairment, or in any way that can be harmful, fraudulent, illegal, unlawful, or any similar cause, activity, or purpose.

From the security standpoint, a user is not allowed to use this website for distributing any material for potential marketing, publishing, send, transmit, host, store, or copy having any malicious software link, rootkit, keystroke logger, worm, Trojan Horse, computer virus, spyware, etc.

The use of robots is restricted. You cannot execute any data collection activities, including systematic or automatic, such as data harvesting, data extracting, data mining, or unlimited scrapping. Involvement and acknowledgment of the Elevate Recovery Center are mandatory. Otherwise, it will be considered offensive.

Sending or transmitting unsolicited commercial communication to the website is restricted.

Without Elevate Recovery Center’s written consent, you must not send marketing messages to this website – no promotional material shall be entertained.

Access Restrictions

The administration and management of the Elevate Recovery Center have complete authority to restrict certain areas of the website. However, in critical cases, they have the right to exercise their authority on the entire website, depending on the circumstances and discretion.

Content from Users

The content the users submit to the Elevate Recovery Center for any purpose, including audio-visual material, images, and text, is for a lifetime. “Your User Content” refers to this content.

You grant permission to Elevate Recovery Center for a royalty-free license, non-exclusive and irrevocable to use the content in whatever ways and means, such as distribute in the operational or upcoming channel, translate, publish, adapt, reproduce, etc. Your submission includes full-fledged rights to the Elevate Recovery Center for sub-licensing or bringing an action for infringement.

The content intended to be submitted must not be unlawful or illegal. Also, it cannot infringe on the legal rights of any third party. Besides, you must not raise or highlight legalities against you, the Elevate Recovery Center, or any third party.

Any content related to legal proceedings or subject to a threat will not be published. Therefore, the submission of such content is useless. We restrict users not to submit such content.

Elevate Recovery Center reserves the right to modify or edit the submitted content/material to this website, saved in the servers of the Elevate Recovery Center, already published or hosted.

Elevate Recovery Center is not responsible for monitoring such legal and threatened content submissions concerning user content on the website with the rights, terms, and conditions of the Elevate Recovery Center.

No Warranties

The patients and family members already admitted are laid under certain company’s confidentiality policy governed by Final Rule, Federal Law 42 CFR part 2, accounting act, and health insurance portability.

No warranties are associated with this website and are “as it is” with no implication or representation. Elevate Recovery Center is not engaged under any representation related to the material and information published on this website.

Without Preconceptions of the ongoing Paragraph, We do not Warrant:

This website will be remain published and all information available on this website is non-misleading, accurate, true, and complete.

No material on this website should be taken as an alternative to medical advice. However, if you are seeking any advice on medical, financial, or legal matters, it is better to find a suitable professional.

Liability Limitations

Elevate Recovery Center is not liable to anyone under contract law, torts, or other concerns with the use of this website. Since the website operates under a complete free-of-charge policy. Therefore, in case of the following losses, Elevate Recovery Center is not liable:

  • Information loss
  • Corrupt information
  • Loss of goodwill
  • Contracts
  • Business relationship
  • Profits or savings
  • Income
  • Revenue
  • Business losses
  • Consequential losses
  • Indirect losses


The disclaimer on this website will not limit or execute a law-implied warranty. However, it could be unethical to limit or exclude. None of the material or content on this website can limit or exclude Elevate Recovery Center in any aspect of liability, such as:

  • Personal injury or death caused by Elevate Recovery Center negligence
  • Misrepresentation or fraud on the part of Elevate Recovery Center
  • Issue that could be unlawful or illegal for Elevate Recovery Center to limit or exclude – purport or attempt to limit or exclude liabilities.

Using this website means that you agree to the limitations and exclusions of liability mentioned on this website are satisfactory. In case you think it’s unjustified, you are advised not to access this website.

Unenforced Provisions

Any unenforceable provision found on this website disclaimer not satisfying applicable law will not affect other enforceable provisions on the disclaimer.

Various Parties

As an entity of limited liability, the Elevate Recovery Center is interested in preventing the personal liability of its employees and officers. Accessing the website also signifies that you shall not bring any personal claim against Elevate Recovery Center’s staff in the event of any loss or any suffering situation concerning this website.

With no preconceptions of the ongoing paragraphs, you agree that liabilities and warrantees set by the website disclaimer are related to certain limitations. Also, these limitations shall protect Elevate Recovery Center’s contractors, assigns, successors, subsidiaries, agents, employees, officers, and the company itself.


The user, hereby, indemnifies the Elevate Recovery Center and presumes Elevate Recovery Center against any damages, losses. Expenses, liabilities, and costs, such as total legal expenses and the amount Elevate Recovery Center is liable to pay for settlement to the third party against dispute and claim following the suggestions of legal advisors; suffered or incurred by Elevate Recovery Center for breaching any provision of Elevate Recovery Center’s terms and conditions.

Breaching Terms and Conditions

With no prejudice to rights of Elevate Recovery Center accordance with the set terms and conditions, in case a user breaches any of the terms and conditions, Elevate Recovery Center has the exclusive right to deal with the action, leading to the following possibilities:

  • Legal action against the user.
  • Contacting ISP to request for blocking IP addresses from accessing the website.
  • Restriction on the user from accessing the website.
  • User account suspension.


Elevate Recovery Center, as a fully authoritative body, has all the rights to make changes over time. The same applies to the terms and conditions; all users are liable to act upon according to the updated version of terms and conditions from the date it is published on the website. In order to stay familiar with the changes and updates, it is recommended to go through this page from time to time.


Elevate Recovery Center may deal with, make sub-contract, or transfer the obligations or/and rights according to terms and conditions without informing or your consent.

At the same time, however, any user may not deal with, sub-contract or transfer obligations and rights, accordance with the terms and conditions.

Severe Circumstances

In this case, any competent authority or court determines terms and conditions provision to be unenforceable or/and unlawful; the alternative provision shall be considered and implemented. Otherwise, if part of the enforced or/and lawful provision is deleted, that particular part will be considered deleted, and the remaining provision part will continue as it should be.

Complete Agreement

The terms and conditions stated above represent an agreement between the users of the website and the Elevate Recovery Center. The terms and conditions are completely related to website use. However, the same terms and conditions supersede all the provisions of the past publications on this website related to terms and conditions since this is the updated and the Elevate Recovery Center’s concerned piece of document. No exceptions can be granted other than the terms and conditions mentioned in this document.