Opioids are substances that act like morphine upon reaching the opioid receptors in the body. They are used as painkillers, anesthesia, and other numbing agents. Some of these opioids might also have severe side effects that have pushed the governments and authorities to ban the sale of these drugs without proper doctor’s prescription. It is almost impossible to ban these drugs as they are medically used. One of these substances is Propoxyphene, which is a moderate to a mild painkiller, also used as a narcotic pain reliever. It is more favorable as compared to morphine but found to be very effective. Substance use and abuse is very common with opioids.
Darvon Drug

Darvocet and Darvon

These are two analgesic painkillers that were banned by the FDA in 2010. The main reason for the ban was congenital heart diseases and even death in some patients who were taking irregular doses. Both Darvocet and Darvon contain Propoxyphene, and this was thought to be the case of medical reactions. A combination of Propoxyphene Napsylate mixed with Acetaminophen makes Darvocet, while Darvon is composed of only one drug; Propoxyphene hydrochlorate. The opioids are responsible for combining with the receptors in the brain and then releasing Dopamine. When released, Dopamine induces calmness and euphoria. It then slows down the brain functions, and the consumer can experience a feeling of numbness. With regular use of both these drugs, they are deposited around the spine of the user, thus altering the chemical and physical traits of the body. The Dopamine rush in the body is what the individual becomes addicted to. Substance abuse with Darvocet and Darvon is prevalent.

Drug Abuse Statistics

Overdose deaths are associated with Propoxyphene. Over 10,000 deaths were reported due to overdose, after which the FDA limited and banned the sale in certain states. Before the ban, Propoxyphene was one of the most readily used painkillers in the United States. It was used as a mild to moderate pain reliever and a perfect cough suppressant. At the time of the ban, Darvocet was being used by 10 million people worldwide, and many also saw severe withdrawals. Darvon is listed in the 10 most abused legalized medicines in the United States. Substance abuse can lead to death in the worst situations. Despite being ban in the United States, it still finds its way into the country and is being consumed by a lot of people. The induction of the Dopamine rush is the main reason for the people opting for it.


The signs that a person is abusing Darvocet are very similar to the abuse of identical category drugs. The symptoms are dizziness, nausea, fatigue, confusion, etc. with longer uses, euphoria is widespread and is the greatest indicator of drug abuse. Darvocet and Darvon are both central nervous system depressants. With regular use, the person will start to feel more and more depressed. Slurred speech and the lack of communication are also indicators of drug abuse.

The withdrawal symptoms for both the drugs are very similar. The person’s first reaction will be to crave the drug. They will use all the resources they have to get the drug. After 10-14 hours of the last dose, withdrawal starts. The symptoms of withdrawal are vomiting, fever, nausea, agitation, etc.

Darvocet Addiction Treatment

Treatment for Darvocet Addiction

It is very important to choose the right treatment if you want to get rid of an addiction. Since only 10-14 hours are required for the withdrawal, doing it alone can be very risky and is not fruitful at all. Supervision is needed, and it is best if a professional is hired for the job. Stopping drugs at once can have worse impacts then consuming them at regular intervals. Some of the treatments that can be used are:


During the detox process, the drug is slowly removed from the patient’s body. Since Propoxyphene is not available, another similar medication can be used. It is important to take the process gradually.

Impatient/ Outpatient Treatment

Both have proven to be successful in treatment, but the selection is dependent on the extent of the addition. If the addiction is severe, it is better to select an inpatient therapy center to get the right assistance.

Specialized Therapy

Motivational therapy, counseling groups, cognitive therapy is some of the specialized treatments used for this sort of addiction.

For any addiction, getting the right treatment from the right place is very important. Our center has some of the best therapists and addiction experts in the country who have worked with countless patients in the past. They have brought addicts back to life and helped them in staying away from drugs. The right motivation is provided by friends and family around, and that is why we make the process as personalized as possible.