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Demerol Addiction

Demerol is a Schedule II controlled element. It contains meperidine that has morphine-like abuse potency. People get addicted to this painkiller as an escape from chronic pain and to seek comfort. But it is important to consume painkillers as prescribed by the doctor and in the same quantity as well. Substance abuse is widespread with painkillers like Demerol. It is also one of the most readily available painkillers in the market, and thus easily abused. Demerol addiction can lead to serious consequences.

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Demerol Uses

Moderate to severe pain can be treated using pain killer like Demerol; it is also an opioid prescription medicine. Many doctors prescribe Demerol as after operation recovery medicine. Post-surgery pains can be very severe, and that is why a strong painkiller is always recommended. Demerol acts on the opioid receptors in the brain and soothes the pain away.

Under the influence of the drug, instead of feeling pain, the patient will feel pleasure. It does not only suppress the pain in the body but also very successfully lowers the stress level. Demerol can be consumed in the form of a pill, injection, or syrup. The wide range of its availability is also the reason for its abuse. It is right now on the list of the most regulated drugs in the United States. Several Demerol side effects have also been reported.

How to Identify Demerol Abuse?

Drug abuse is identified if a person uses a medicine more than his medical practitioner has prescribed. During the early stages of consumption, the pain will fade away with the prescribed amount. Still, if Demerol abuse continues, you will end up having a Demerol overdose, which is not at all good for the body in any condition.

It can also lead to serious Demerol side effects. Some signs and symptoms to look for in people who are consuming Demerol are; nausea, drowsiness, headaches, dry mouth, sleeping anywhere, confusion, mild to severe depression, constant itching, etc. It is important to remember that the symptoms can and will differ from one person to another. Demerol can be highly addictive for any person who is suffering from pain. Consuming pills to reduce the pain is a very common practice. Constant monitoring of the patient will be required to see the extent of use.

Demerol Withdrawal

Like any other drug withdrawal, Demerol withdrawal is also very time consuming and difficult. The patient needs to be very patient with the process so that the real results can be achieved. The physical dependence on the drug can be formed in the first month of taking medicine, and that is why longer prescriptions are often discouraged. It is always recommended to go for withdrawal in the presence of professionals since withdrawal symptoms can go from mild to severe.

Under the influence of a drug, a person can be dangerous, but during the withdrawal, a person becomes more sensitive. Some of the symptoms of Demerol addiction withdrawal are; agitation, short temper, shortness of breath, anxiety, nausea, vomiting, hallucination, etc. It is important to lend emotional support to a person who is going through withdrawal to make them understand that they have people who care for them, since empathy goes a very long way.


Treatment for Demerol addiction is possible. Patient can always choose for inpatient treatment. During this treatment, the patient lives in a facility where he is under constant observation, round the clock. The professionals in these centers are equipped to manage any situation.

Another option is the outpatient therapy centers. The patient does not need to get admitted; rather, he is required to attend regular sessions and be a part of the therapy groups. Outpatient treatment is usually for patients who are at the initial stage of the addiction and can practice self-control to a certain extent. Before both these processes, a detox of Demerol will be practiced. During this process, the Demerol is slowly removed from the patient’s life. In the first stage, the quantity is reduced, and then it is taken to a bare minimum, and then consumption is completely stopped. The body hence loses its dependence on the medicine.

Any medicine or drug, when taken for a long period, can be addictive. Since Demerol takes away the pain, many people use it. Several professional centers can help you or your loved ones in fighting against the addiction. We have experts who have worked with Demerol addicts and brought them back to life. Elevate Recovery Center employs some of the best therapists in the country who help you in fighting against drug addiction. There is nothing more prolific than fighting a battle and coming out as a winner; we are just a call away.


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