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Start Alcohol Detox, Drug Detox, and Substance Abuse Treatment at a Newton Rehab Center

Addiction rehab centers in Newton, Massachusetts, provide comprehensive treatment services for individuals struggling with substance use disorders (SUD). These addiction treatment facilities offer a range of programs, including inpatient rehab, intensive outpatient programs (IOP), and partial hospitalization programs (PHP), to address alcohol and drug addiction. Each program offers an evidence-based approach, including individual counseling, group therapy, family therapy, and medication-assisted treatment when appropriate. By addressing co-occurring mental health disorders through dual diagnosis programs, addiction rehab centers in Newton, MA, aim to provide a holistic approach to lasting recovery.

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Providing Patients With Quality Addiction Care

Drug Rehab and Alcohol Rehab Programs in Newton, Massachusetts

At our rehab facility, conveniently located near Newton, Massachusetts, we provide patients with specialized treatment for substance misuse, including drugs and alcohol. Our recovery process focuses on personalized care, emphasizing alcohol detox placement, individual therapy, and high-quality care. Understanding that each person’s journey to recovery is unique, we tailor our services to meet the specific needs of each client. Our team of compassionate professionals offers ongoing support, integrating evidence-based therapies into our care plans to assist individuals in transitioning back into everyday life. We are committed to providing a nurturing environment that supports personal transformation and recovery.


addiction education

Educational sessions at our Newton, MA, drug and alcohol rehab will teach you and your family members the ins and outs of drug addiction and the recovery process. Education is a key component of recovery from drug and alcohol use disorder.


alcohol treatment

Alcoholism is progressive and deadly. The alcohol rehab program at our Newton, MA addiction treatment center will make sure you detox safely and receive the care you need to build a foundation in recovery from alcohol abuse.


drug treatment

Using evidence-based therapies and integrative treatment, our drug rehab and alcohol rehab in Newton, MA can help you overcome addictions to alcohol, cocaine, heroin, meth, benzos, prescription pills, and more.


counseling and therapy

The multidisciplinary team at our addiction treatment center Newton, MA, offers individual and group counseling that targets emotional, behavioral, and psychological issues and teaches you to cope without drugs and alcohol.


day treatment

Learn how to live sober while still having your independence. Day treatment at our Newton, MA treatment center runs 5 days a week. You’ll come to the rehab facility during the day and live on your own at night.


intensive outpatient

The intensive outpatient program (IOP) at our Newton, MA drug and alcohol rehab center is for people who have completed inpatient or day treatment. IOP focuses on relapse prevention to help you stay sober after rehab.

Inpatient Drug Rehabs in Newton, MA

Inpatient Addiction Treatment in Newton, Massachusetts

Inpatient treatment, commonly referred to as residential treatment, is the highest level of care for those struggling with severe SUDs. Residential treatment centers provide a structured environment where patients reside at the facility for the duration of their treatment, allowing individuals to focus solely on their recovery journey without external distractions or access to substances. Inpatient programs typically involve individual and group therapy sessions and various evidence-based therapies tailored to address the root causes of addiction.

Inpatient rehab facilities in Newton employ a multidisciplinary team of addiction specialists, including licensed therapists, counselors, medical professionals, and support personnel. These teams work collaboratively to develop comprehensive treatment plans that address the physical, psychological, and emotional aspects of SUDs. Medication-assisted treatment may be utilized when appropriate to alleviate symptoms and cravings that may arise due to stopping the use of substances during the initial stages of recovery.

Many inpatient programs in Newton incorporate a dual diagnosis approach, recognizing the frequent co-occurrence of addiction and mental illness. By addressing both conditions simultaneously, patients receive comprehensive care that enhances their chances of achieving long-term recovery. Family members are often encouraged to participate in family therapy sessions, which are crucial in supporting the recovery journey of their loved one and facilitating their smooth transition back into the community.

Get Comprehensive Health Care During Detox

Drug and Alcohol Detox Programs

Detox is often the first step in the addiction treatment process for those struggling with drug or alcohol abuse. It involves safely managing withdrawal symptoms as drugs or alcohol leave the body. Detox programs in Newton provide medical assistance and support over a few days to ensure a safe and comfortable experience during the drug and alcohol detox process.

Outpatient Programs in Newton

Newton offers outpatient programs for individuals seeking addiction treatment but need to continue maintaining their daily responsibilities. These programs provide a structured environment and a higher level of care including the utilization of various evidence-based therapies, such as group and individual counseling.

During an outpatient program at an alcohol and drug addiction treatment center, patients attend scheduled sessions at the treatment facility and return home at the end of each session. Treatment plans are tailored to address the specific substance use disorder and any co-occurring mental conditions. Outpatient programs in Newton offer a flexible yet structured option for those seeking addiction recovery.

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

PHP, often referred to as a day treatment program, is the most intensive form of outpatient services and typically requires individuals to attend treatment sessions at an alcohol and drug addiction treatment center for up to six or eight hours a day, five days a week. This can be used as a step-down program from inpatient treatment or an option for an individual who requires more intense care but is unable to commit to a residential treatment program.

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

An intensive outpatient program (IOP) is a less intensive outpatient program than PHP, usually only requiring individuals to participate in sessions a few times a week for a few hours at a time. Many individuals find that an intensive outpatient program at an alcohol rehab and drug rehab is beneficial for helping them work through their substance addiction while still allowing them the flexibility to continue their day-to-day lives.


Alcohol and Drug Addiction Treatment Center Services in Newton

Newton offers a range of addiction treatment options at drug and alcohol rehab centers for individuals struggling with substance addiction. These programs aim to address the physical, psychological, and social aspects of addiction through evidence-based approaches.

Medication-Assisted Treatment

Medication-assisted treatment combines behavioral therapy with FDA-approved medications to effectively treat the symptoms of addiction. These medications, such as methadone, buprenorphine, and naltrexone, can help reduce cravings and withdrawal symptoms, making it easier to focus on recovery.

Evidence-Based Therapies

Newton addiction treatment centers offer various evidence-based therapies to address the underlying causes of addiction. These may include cognitive-behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, and motivational interviewing. Each therapy aims to develop coping mechanisms, improve decision-making skills, and promote long-term behavior change.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Many individuals with SUDs also struggle with co-occurring mental health conditions, such as depression, anxiety, or trauma-related disorders. Dual diagnosis treatment programs in Newton address both issues simultaneously, providing integrated care for a comprehensive recovery.

Aftercare Services

Aftercare services are crucial for maintaining sobriety after completing an addiction treatment program. Newton offers various aftercare options, including sober living homes, support groups, and ongoing individual or group counseling. These services provide support and additional resources to help individuals navigate the challenges of long-term recovery.


Addiction Care in Newton, MA

How Much Does Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Newton Cost?

The expense of rehabilitation programs in Newton can differ significantly based on various factors. Inpatient rehabilitation centers typically incur higher costs compared to outpatient programs. The duration of treatment, amenities offered, and the inclusion of specialized therapies influence the overall price.

Factors impacting the cost include the type of substance abuse treatment required, whether it addresses alcohol, drugs, or both. Programs incorporating medication-assisted treatment for opioid or alcohol dependency may have additional expenses. Luxury rehab centers with upscale accommodations and recreational amenities command higher prices. The presence of co-occurring mental disorders necessitating dual diagnosis treatment can also increase costs. Health insurance coverage plays a crucial role, as many plans partially or fully cover addiction treatment expenses for the patient. If you or a family member are ready to start an addiction recovery program such as drug or alcohol detox, be sure to contact your insurance provider or the admissions team at a rehab center as your first step in understanding the cost of addiction care.

How Long Does Treatment for Substance Use Disorders Take in Newton?

The duration of treatment at a drug and alcohol rehab center in Newton can vary significantly based on several factors. Typically, inpatient or residential programs range from 30 days to 90 days or longer. Intensive outpatient programs (IOP), on the other hand, can last several months or even a year, depending on the individual’s needs and progress.

The length of treatment depends on the severity of the substance use disorder, the presence of co-occurring mental health conditions, and the individual’s response to the treatment plan. Those with long-standing addictions or complex cases may require longer stays to achieve sustained recovery. Conversely, those with milder substance abuse issues may benefit from shorter programs.

It is crucial to understand that addiction treatment is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Reputable rehab centers in Newton, such as Elevate Recovery Center, tailor treatment programs to each person’s unique circumstances, ensuring the appropriate level of care and duration. Assessments and adjustments may be necessary throughout the treatment process to ensure the best possible outcomes.

Rehab Options in Newton, MA

Resources for Substance Abuse in Newton, Massachusetts

Newton, Massachusetts, offers various resources for individuals struggling with substance abuse, addiction, and mental health challenges. These resources provide support, guidance, and treatments to help individuals overcome their challenges and achieve lasting recovery.

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration is a federal agency that provides information, resources, and support for individuals seeking help with substance use disorders and mental health issues. SAMHSA operates a national helpline that offers free and confidential information and referrals to local treatment facilities and community-based organizations. They also provide a treatment locator tool to find addiction care and mental health services near home.

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) and Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) and Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) are well-established support groups that offer meetings and fellowship for individuals recovering from drug and alcohol addiction. These groups provide a safe and supportive environment where individuals can share their experiences, gain strength from others, give and receive emotional support, and work toward maintaining sobriety. NA and AA have local chapters in Newton, Massachusetts, which can be located on the NA and AA websites.

Get Started with Substance Abuse Treatment at a Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Newton

Individuals struggling with substance use disorders can access various treatment options at a professional alcohol and drug addiction treatment center in Newton. Inpatient programs provide a structured environment for individuals to reside at the facility while receiving comprehensive care. Outpatient programs allow individuals to attend treatment sessions while continuing to live at home. Both inpatient and outpatient rehabs offer evidence-based therapies, such as individual therapy, group counseling sessions, and medication-assisted treatment, to address substance abuse and co-occurring mental health conditions.

At our Massachusetts rehab center, we provide personalized treatment plans to assist individuals in overcoming substance use disorders based on their individual needs. If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, reach out to our team by calling (877) 592-2102 or by filling out our confidential form to find out more about the addiction treatment services provided at our drug and alcohol rehab. Our comprehensive approach combines evidence-based therapies and support services to address the unique needs of each client.

From the initial assessment to the path of recovery, our focus is on delivering a well-rounded treatment plan thoughtfully designed to align with your personal needs. Our commitment is to guide you through each step, providing support tailored to your journey towards healing and well-being.



15:41 29 Feb 24
The staff here was so great to my family. Addiction runs on both sides of my family and this organization I cannot thank enough. My cousin had MassHealth and could not go anywhere for treatment. Elevate accepted them and the facility is unbelievable, brand new, rannovated. Valerie and Cindy worked with her and made a huge impact in early recovery. Medical issues and trauma as well as mental illness and they got her the help she really needed. Lost and delusional and drinking she has now recovered and is doing great! Can’t say thank you enough to all of the wonderful staff and people our family has been positively impacted by along the way! I will forever be grateful!
Ashley AAshley A
16:49 27 Feb 24
My experience at Elevate is one I don’t wish upon anyone else. I was there for months and despite me thinking that staff really cared about me, instead they caused irreparable damage to a person who was already vulnerable and sick. I was assaulted by a staff member who has since been fired. Elevate took the appropriate steps in terminating their employment immediately. However, after the assault was reported, things got even worse for me personally. A case manager and group leader would message me and spend hours on the phone with me when I was a patient and after I discharged. She breached patient confidentiality and told me details about other patients care, which made me think that we were friends. When you’re in the midst of substance abuse and mental health and dealing with a recent assault and an estranged family, friends are important. This staff member made me feel important and like I mattered and I was her friend, despite the power dynamic and the reality of the situation. The admissions team is mean and the staff on-site care only to the extent of getting butts in seats. They hire unqualified staff which results in a astronomical turnover rate. I didn’t want to write this review, but if I can save someone who really struggles in the way that I do from entering a place that not caused me more trauma, that’s worth it for me.
joseph herrerajoseph herrera
05:47 19 Feb 24
Man, I'm so grateful for the way they looked out for me at Elevate Recovery. Even after I completed treatment they followed up a few times to see how I was doing and not having much family this meant a lot to me.
Jordan RichardsonJordan Richardson
04:37 19 Feb 24
Choosing Elevate Recovery Center was the best decision I ever made. The people I worked with understood me and made me feel heard and supported. The aftercare program was a great addition to my recovery journey as well and I feel like it set me up for success after rehab.
Jason ReedJason Reed
04:20 19 Feb 24
Elevate Recovery Center is like a ray of hope for anyone looking for an outpatient drug rehab program in Massachusetts. The team creates a really supportive environment because they have all been in our shoes. Their support and compassion really make them stand out.
Eren JEren J
21:00 28 Nov 23
Fantastic outpatient rehab facility! Every aspect of my experience at Elevate Recovery Center was wonderful. Great counselors and techs. My time here helped me start my recovery in the right direction. Very grateful for this place and I will never forget my time here!!
Elmer MiddletonElmer Middleton
09:43 26 Nov 23
Elevate Recovery Center is a game-changer. The intensive outpatient program gave me the intensive support I needed without disrupting my daily life. The partial hospitalization program provided a structured environment where I could focus solely on my recovery. The dual diagnosis treatment approach addressed both my addiction and mental health concerns effectively. I am incredibly thankful for their expertise and compassionate care.
Janet ThomasJanet Thomas
08:54 23 Nov 23
I can't recommend Elevate Recovery Center enough. The regular outpatient rehab program allowed me to continue working while attending therapy sessions, making my recovery process manageable. The caring and dedicated clinicians provided me with valuable insights and coping mechanisms.
Ken AnnaKen Anna
00:55 19 Nov 23
Elevate Recovery Center is a beacon of hope for anyone struggling with addiction. The intensive outpatient program gave me the flexibility I needed while still providing intensive therapy and support. Highly recommend.
Elizabeth FrederickElizabeth Frederick
03:11 16 Nov 23
I am forever grateful to Elevate Recovery Center for their outstanding services. The counselors are not only knowledgeable but also incredibly empathetic. They truly create a nurturing environment where you can heal and grow.
Tim DuncanTim Duncan
12:40 05 Nov 23
Elevate Recovery Center truly changed my life. The intensive outpatient program provided me with the support I needed to overcome my addiction. The counselors are compassionate, understanding, and genuinely care about your recovery journey. I am grateful to have found this center, and I highly recommend it to anyone seeking help with addiction.