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Inpatient Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center in Massachusetts

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Our Rehab Program Services & Amenities

Massachusetts drug rehab

Rehab Programs and Therapies

Experience best-in-class care for you or your loved one at our centrally located treatment center in the New England area. We acknowledge how challenging it can be to navigate addiction and find the right treatment program in Massachusetts. With the proper care and support, you or your loved one can find sustainable health and recovery.

Services & Treatment

Safe Medical Detox

During drug or alcohol detox at Woburn Wellness Addiction Treatment, you’ll be safe and comfortable while attended to 24/7 by our doctors, nurses, and addiction specialists. We'll administer medications as needed to alleviate and/or prevent severe withdrawal symptoms.

Inpatient Residential

We welcome patients into our inpatient treatment program, where we provide 24-hour medical supervision and care in a residential live-in setting for those struggling with drug or alcohol addiction.

Co-Occurring Disorder Treatment

Addiction and mental health often go hand-in-hand. Our experienced clinical staff provides evidence-based treatment methods to help address the underlying mental health issues that may have been causing or perpetuating your substance use disorder.

Outpatient Addiction Treatment

Outpatient treatment programs provide flexibility while offering support and structure during recovery. This level of care can be an effective option for individuals with mild to moderate addictions or who are not at risk of experiencing withdrawal symptoms.

Addiction Focused Healthcare

We provide sub-acute programming for substance use disorder. This offers 24/7 medical supervision in a live-in environment at our facilities for patients needing more medical care and mental health services fully focused on recovery in a sober environment.

Sober Living Options

For individuals needing additional recovery assistance, sober living options offer a safe and supportive environment to further develop the skills and coping mechanisms necessary for long-term sobriety.


Medication Treatment (MAT)

We offer medication-assisted treatment (MAT) to help individuals manage cravings and withdrawal symptoms. Our doctors and nurses monitor patients closely while administering medications when needed.

Evidence-Based Therapies

We employ evidence-based therapies that provide the basis for best practices in addiction treatment. These may include cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), motivational interviewing (MI), contingency management (CM), community reinforcement approach (CRA), acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), and more.

Trauma-Based Therapies

Our trauma-based therapies are specifically designed to address the impact of trauma on individuals with substance use disorders. We recognize that trauma can contribute to developing and maintaining addiction and aim to help you heal from past traumatic experiences.

One-on-One Counseling

Individual counseling is a core component of addiction treatment at Woburn Wellness Addiction Treatment that involves providing a safe and confidential space to explore your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.

Family Therapy

Our family therapy and support services assist with reuniting and healing the family unit. This includes counseling, therapy, and education to help everyone understand addiction and how they can best support their loved one's recovery journey.

Faith-Based Programming

We offer faith-based or spiritual programming that integrates religious or spiritual beliefs and practices into substance abuse recovery. Well-known programs of this type include Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA).

Group & Activities

Group Therapy

Group therapy is at the core of treatment at Woburn Wellness Addiction Treatment. Group therapy allows you to connect with like-minded peers and build a strong support system for the long road ahead in recovery.

12-Step Groups (AA/NA)

Woburn Wellness Addiction Treatment encourages active participation in 12-step facilitation groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) or Narcotics Anonymous (NA).

SMART Recovery / Secular Groups

For those who do not feel comfortable with the 12-step model, we offer support and tools from a secular and science-based perspective.

Art and/or Music Activities

Our art and music activities offer creative treatment approaches that provide alternative outlets for self-expression, stress reduction, and personal growth.

Stress Management & Mindfulness

Our stress management and mindfulness activities help individuals develop coping strategies, reduce cravings, and enhance overall well-being. These may include: mindfulness meditation, yoga, stress education workshops, mindful coping and life skills groups.

Wellness Programs

Our wellness programs promote overall well-being and a balanced lifestyle through physical fitness, nutritional guidance, social support, and healthy activities. These programs recognize the interconnectedness of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.


Aftercare Services

Once you have completed an addiction treatment program, it is important to have a plan to maintain your sobriety and prevent relapse. Our aftercare services can provide resources and support for your ongoing recovery journey.


Our Drug and Alcohol Rehab Facility

Massachusetts addiction help

Our Drug and Alcohol Rehab

If you or a loved one are ready to overcome substance abuse and commit to life-changing treatment, Elevate Recovery Center is here to help.

Our drug and alcohol rehab in Massachusetts provides the support and guidance needed for sustainable health and wellness.

From medical detox to individualized treatment at the outpatient level of care, our programming is meticulously designed to empower you to overcome your addictions and create a lasting foundation for recovery.

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You are never alone in this journey with our treatment and support. We are here to help you build the tools you need to lead a sober life.

Elevate Substance Use Treatment Team

The Best Team for The Best Care

The Elevate Recovery Center team works together to identify factors that contribute to an individual’s substance use history, so we can formulate a customized addiction treatment plan for each person. We know that everyone is different and finds recovery through different avenues, which is why we’ve built a highly experienced team to guide your loved ones through the process of recovery and change.





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