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Day Treatment Program

Day Treatment Program

Substance abuse is an issue that many people face, but treatments and therapies can control it. The addict must try to seek a day treatment program for his addiction before it gets worse and results in harmful behavior. Addictions can massively harm many vital organs, depending on the type of substance being consumed. As a person sees the positive effects of a drug and the body becomes more and more dependent on the drug, it becomes hard to get rid of the addiction or to quit using the drug. It is best to get treatment from a professional instead of trying to quit at home.

Inpatient and Outpatient Care Programs

Substance abuse treatments take place at a proper rehab center that has the services and facilities required for the job. The first part often involves a detox; during a substance abuse withdrawal, a person experiences many symptoms; these can be hard to manage at home as they can sometimes cause the patient to become violent and paranoid. There are two types of treatments available; these are inpatient and outpatient treatments. Inpatient treatments require the person to stay at the facility in order to get treatment, while outpatient treatments are for people with minor or mild addictions. The patient can stay at his own house and check in the center every day; this way, the patient can still carry on with daily activities. Day treatment programs are a type of outpatient service where a person does not require a lot of care; this is why they are put in outpatient programs. These programs are also called PHP (Partial Hospitalization Program).

Partial Hospitalization Programs

Day treatments provide an addict with the chance to get better; they offer a friendly environment and provide the addict with tools to ensure steady recovery.

The two main ideas that are at the core of day treatments include, being your own cheerleader and showing up for yourself. The person is asked to be fully invested in the treatment in order to get better.

Some treatments involve the use of 12 step programs and others demand a patient to live in housing where the person does not have access to any drugs. Different centers have different requirements for the patient while keeping in mind the patient’s condition and history.

Common Facts Regarding Day Treatments

  • The treatment process depends entirely on the needs of a patient. Most people take sessions for around 5 hours each day of the week.
  • People involved in these programs are stable enough to take care of themselves and control themselves during the time they are alone and especially at night.
  • Day treatment programs are different from regular outpatient programs as patients have to be at the facility 5 times a week, at the decided time.
  • The cost and fee of the program depend on the patient and varies from one center to another. The insurance plan can cover most, if not all, of your treatment cost.
  • Medicaid and Medicare might not be accepted; therefore, it is best to check with the program center.

Treatment Process

Day treatments are intensive and can be longer depending on the person and his program. When a person enrolls in a day program, they interact and work with many nurse practitioners, trained medical professionals, and psychiatrists. The patient undergoes a series of treatments and therapies as part of the program.

These can include group and individual therapies. During a group process, different people are allowed to share their stories and open up. These groups mainly focus on a specific topic of discussion, such as how to prevent relapse. Individual therapy is the part where a patient addresses why they started consuming drugs in the first place and discuss their past with the therapist.

Day treatment centers also provide aftercare planning. This helps as people still have support after the initial program is over. This helps a person learn how to learn basic survival skills such as self-confidence, mindfulness, and coping mechanisms. Some centers also provide services like yoga and music therapy that can help a person feel better.

Addiction recovery is possible if you are willing to put in the work and time. Our center offers many different types of day treatment programs that are proven to help people lead healthier and substance-free lives. These treatments are highly effective and if you consider these programs, you are going to feel relieved and free once you finish your treatment at our center.

If you are struggling with an addiction or would like to seek therapy, there are two ways you can begin treatment at Elevate Recovery Center.:

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  2. Visit our facility anytime Monday-Friday from 9:00 AM to 2:30 PM for an in-person consultation.

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